Former Delta Force team leader Grey Holden came from a long line of military who believed the important thing was getting the job done, not your ego. They called themselves Omega Men. Athena Madero, left the police department angry at all the restrictions she faced as she tried to fight crime. They collided, literally, when both were working a covert investigation, the resolution of which resulted in the birth of The Omega Team. Others will join them as the agency expands its scope of activities, everything from hostage negotiation to hostage rescue to industrial espionage to fighting drug cartels to threats to national security. They will be led by Grey and Athena, whose passion for their work is only rivaled by their passion for each other. Welcome to a series that combines high danger with intense passion and heady romance. Are you ready to play?

Raw Edge of Danger

Grey Holden was on a mission to find the source of illegal arms. The death of his best friend on a compromised mission left him filled with anger and dedicated to bringing down whoever was responsible. Athena Madero had her own mission, to take down a major politician who had been preying on young girls for a long time. She hated him enough to quit her job as a cop and go on her own hunt for evidence. When she and Grey crossed paths, chemistry sparked and suddenly, unexpectedly, shockingly, there was a lot more between them than searching for evidence and pinning down a traitor. In a split second, they were riding the raw edge of danger. Together.

Mission Control

Krista (Kris) Gauthier and Mason Rowell are like oil and water from the moment they meet. He never expected the team from The Omega Team, the security agency made up of former military, to send a woman to lead the team he hired to fix his problem: find out who is helping smugglers cross his land from the border. Their antagonism is only heightened by the sexual attraction that keeps blazing out of control. Neither of them is happy about the fact they keep falling into bed together and Mason, who values his unattached existence, can’t wait for the team to be finished and Kris to be gone. But when the bad guys are identified and caught and Kris is wounded in the process, the thought of losing her nearly destroys him, and makes him take another look at their relationship.

Lethal Design

Shannon McRae never thought her life as a video game designer would land her in danger. But suddenly her files are corrupted, her laptop keeps going missing, little things are happening like unexpected flat tires in the dark of night. Someone is after her, but why? It’s just a stupid video game, she keeps telling herself. But when your friend is Athena Madero, who just happens to be a partner in The Omega Team, a super security and protection agency, help is just around the corner. Except this time help came in the form of ex-Delta Force Owen Cormier. He’s a great bodyguard but not much good in a relationship. Or so he thinks, until sparks ignite between him and Shannon and walking away just might not be possible.

Protecting Maddie

When Maddie Winslow talked a student out of his gun in her classroom, she never figured it would set off a chain of events that put her life in grave danger, and the lives of her parents.

Hiding in WitSec for thirty years, the her parents thought they had beaten the odds—until the image of Maddie, an identical replica of her mother—hits the television airwaves and the people who have been seeking revenge all these years find her. Intent on learning where her mother is hiding, they break into her home and then try to kidnap her. Frightened, she goes to her friend, Zee, who once dated someone in Delta Force. She calls him to explain her friend’s situation, but he’s prepping for a mission and can’t leave the base.

Hunter “Hawkeye” St. John, a Delta Force team member, is on medical leave recuperating in Tampa and chafing for some action. When the he and Maddie meet, the sparks flying between them sizzle the air. But if Hawkeye wants to move forward with Maddie he first has to keep her safe and then eliminate the bad guys.

Keeping Karen

Conspiracy, danger, and the man she loved and let get away is now charged with keeping her safe.

Texas Standoff

One thing for certain–there will be fireworks…and lots and lots of sex.

Assisting Aimee

Trapped in a scene of unspeakable violence, Tony and Aimee reconnect as they work together to …..

Hot Target

His secret could put Athena and her team in the middle of a drug war.

The Lion

Old habits die hard. Even though mixing business with pleasure would be the worst thing they could do.

Precious Cargo

With innocent lives on the line, can she carry out her missions while avenging her broken heart?

Before the Bang Shift

Before the Bang Shift

Oz quickly finds himself wanting her in ways that could compromise everything … most importantly? Her life.

Hot Rod

She’s woman he’s supposed to be protecting, but she is harboring a secret. One that could heal his wounded soul, or crush it.

Buffalo Undercover

Is it enough to keep Candace safe? Can they save the girls and take down the trafficking ring?

The Soviet Connection

Carson is stuck between a beautiful blonde and his duty. If he makes the wrong choice, someone else might die.

Ethan’s Promise

Men of Mercy, Book 7
It’s up to Ethan to rescue the woman he’s come to love before he ends up alone again.

Running With Risk

Death Sentence

She’ll risk everything for justice…
He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe…and in his arms.

Changing Perspectives

A Montgomery Family Novel, Book 2

The Wild One

The Tutores, Book 1

Love Classified

Tough Target

Sam and Kate are trapped in the eye of the storm with a cartel hit squad in hot pursuit. If he makes the wrong move, he could lose everything.

Cyber Tracked: The Cobra Project

IATO Series, Book 4
She’s ready to seduce him before trusting him with her life or her project.


Threatened by invasion and a new super weapon, if they can survive the next twenty-four hours, their love might stand a chance.


The A.W.E. Crew, Book 3
She must put her trust in the one man who’s already broken her heart once and was bound to do it again.