Desiree Holt

Silent Hunters

The wolves led her to safety, but can they keep her safe from the killers tracking her?

When Lauren Rhodes is kidnapped and taken to an isolated cabin in the Maine woods, it’s only by sheer determination and the help of three wolves that she manages to escape. She is stunned when they then lead her to safety at the cabin of Sentinel Luke Spencer and his wife. And even more stunned to meet Damien Moreno and discover the explosive sexual chemistry between them.

She needs him and The Sentinels to find out who’s after her, but what happens when she discovers his true nature? Can she ever turn her back on the powerful attraction between them and the off-the-charts sex?

Reader Advisory: This book should be read in sequence as part of the series but can be read as a stand alone.

Book Info

The Sentinels Series
Book 6

Short Story
Totally Bound
August 22, 2011


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