Desiree Holt

Raw Edge of Danger

Raw Edge of Danger Cover Art

Grey Holden was on a mission to find the source of illegal arms. The death of his best friend on a compromised mission left him filled with anger and dedicated to bringing down whoever was responsible. Athena Madero had her own mission, to take down a major politician who had been preying on young girls for a long time. She hated him enough to quit her job as a cop and go on her own hunt for evidence. When she and Grey crossed paths, chemistry sparked and suddenly, unexpectedly, shockingly, there was a lot more between them than searching for evidence and pinning down a traitor. In a split second, they were riding the raw edge of danger. Together.

Book Info

The Omega Team
Book 1

Romantic Suspense
Desiree Holt
November 28, 2015




ISBN-13: 9781542515702
ISBN-10: 154251570X