Desiree Holt

Made For Him

Made for Him Cover Art

Nominated for Best BDSM Book 2012 by Love Romances Cafe

Nominated for Best BDSM Book 2012
by Love Romances Cafe

She had one weekend to convince him she was made for him.

Micah Sheridan is a self-made billionaire who has the world at his fingertips. He can have any woman he wants but they all seem to leave him unfulfilled.

What he really wants is a woman who can submit to him completely in the bedroom but who is a strong person out in the world. An equal match for him.

Enter Teri Choate who heads an executive search agency. She’s searching, too—for a man who can master her in bed yet allow her strong personality to flourish beyond the bedroom door.

The chemistry between them is so explosive it should come with a warning. When a few nights together reveal she is as addicted to BDSM as he is, he has her flown to his secluded Maine island.

She has one weekend to prove to him she can be the perfect submissive in the bedroom and an equal beyond the bedroom doors.

In short, a woman who is made for him.

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the “Bound to the Billionaire” anthology by Totally Bound.

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Bound to the Billionaire anthology
Short Story
Totally Bound
December 17, 2012


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Bound to the Billionaire
January 28, 2013
ISBN-13: 9781781845653
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