Desiree Holt

Eyes of the Wolf

Eyes of the Wolf

ARe BestsellerWhen Jamie Dalton moved into the mouse her grandparents left her she was just looking to reconnect with her past and settle in familiar surroundings. Digging through the attic for treasures, she found a nearly life-sized statue of a wolf and a very old, very strange book, Legends of the Werewolf. Each night after returning home from her job as the town’s head librarian, she curled up in a big chair with her little black cat, Mischief, fascinated by what she read. She was shocked when her new neighbor, Mike Volka, introduced himself and the eyes watching her looked just like the wolf in the book.

Mike Volka’s ancestors once owned Jamie’s house and the book that is his heritage as a wolf shifter, the one that will guide his future, is hidden somewhere inside. He sure didn’t expect the intense sexual heat the erupted between them. When he sneaks into her house and sees her asleep in the big chair, the book open on her lap, the temptation to have her is too great for him. Using the hypnotic power of the shifter, he draws her into his web and they have sex so hot it nearly burns down the house.
But can a union born in stealth survive? Is she the human mate his family had told him might be waiting for him? Will Jamie succumb to his hot alpha impact and can she believe what others dismiss as a fanciful legend? On Halloween night it will come to an explosive conclusion but will the heat consume them or bind them closer together?

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This excerpt contains explicit sexual material and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

She opened the book to the place she’d marked, two pages of hand-drawn sketches. One of the drawings especially caught her eye. The face of the wolf appeared almost human, and she had the bizarre feeling the animal stared out at her from the page.

Stop it! You’re letting this book mess with your mind.

But one of the chapters had mentioned the hypnotic effect of the wolf’s eyes. It cautioned against staring into them too long. Well, that certainly wouldn’t be a problem. She had no intention of ever getting close enough to such a savage animal to have a staring contest with it.

Then her mind went back to those few seconds in her kitchen when she’d felt transported to an alternate reality. No, that had nothing to do with this. Was it possible Mike was a wolf? She had to be losing her mind.

She looked down at the book again and carefully turned the page.

“As only a few mythical creatures can claim,” she read, “werewolves have been described throughout different parts of the world for centuries. In the last century, several werewolf sightings have been recorded. The werewolf legend has spread across borders, even across seas and oceans. The shapeshifter wolf has the ability to change form at any time. Aggressive energy or anger may increase the likelihood of an unintentional transformation, so such shifters are cautioned to practice extreme discipline and self-control. Black and white werewolves, in particular, are also able to maintain the ability to think consciously and reasonably as a regular human being, no matter what form they take physically.”

Jamie read the paragraph again. How interesting. Could they communicate with each other in wolf form? Exactly how did they do that? Maybe that was addressed in a later chapter.

“It is especially important if they choose a human to mate with.”

She nearly dropped the book. Mate? With a human?

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Desiree Holt
October 13, 2014