Desiree Holt

Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet

Book 3 in the Rawhide series.

Montana Steele hoped her new job was a new start. At Rawhide, the private bondage club, she would find willing subs who fit neatly into one compartment of her life. Clint Chavez, part owner of Rawhide, was determined to never again involve himself emotionally in a relationship. But neither expected the fireworks that erupted between them, nor the erotic attraction that would bind them together despite their best efforts.

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This excerpt contains explicit sexual material and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

“You look a little flushed. The heat factor on nights like this can be…extraordinary. I thought you might like something cold.”

Heat. Yes. Only now it was due to embarrassment as she lifted the glass and sipped the icy liquid.

“Thank you.” She went over both forms, signed them and pushed them across the desk. “I believe I’ve filled everything in here.”

He lifted the sheets of paper and glanced over them. “Excellent. We’ll get you in the system.”

“Well. I guess I should leave then.”

He put a hand on her arm, and she felt as if a brand burned into her skin.

“I’m not sure if you’re prepared for this yet, but we have had a cancellation tonight for one of the private rooms.”

The muscles in her pussy clenched, and her pulse rate escalated. Tonight? Really?

“A Domme who had reserved it for after the performance suddenly had to leave,” he continued. “I have an available room and a very able sub if you’d like to take advantage of club hospitality tonight. As our guest, of course, for your first time here.”

A thrill raced through her. She knew this wasn’t the usual procedure. She assumed it was because Reece had vouched for her, but she hoped it was because Clint wanted to give her the chance to play. Too bad it wasn’t with him.

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Rawhide Series
Book 3

Short Novel
The Wild Rose Press
October 28, 2011


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