Desiree Holt

Hot to Trot

Hot to Trot

Cougar Challenge Series — Book Four

Buying a ranch on eBay was the wildest thing Autumn Kelley had ever done. Past forty, she’d pretty much written excitement out of her life. But then she discovers the ranch comes with a foreman who makes her pulse pound and could give her an orgasm just by looking at her. As if that isn’t enough, he has a friend equally as mouthwatering—and the two of them take Autumn on an erotic trip that outdoes any fantasy she could ever have imagined.

If sex with one hot boy toy is fantastic, sex with two at the same time is a whole new level of amazing. But what happens when Autumn inevitably has to come down from the orgasmic high?

Cougar Challenge

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This excerpt contains explicit sexual material and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

Autumn did her best to keep her head on straight where Mitch was concerned but the sensations rocketing through her body made it difficult. She’d taken Rachel’s advice and dressed in a brand-new, skintight pair of jeans and an embroidered tank top, one with two buttons at the scoop neck that she casually left open. Every few seconds Mitch’s eyes would stray to the swell of her breasts. If he caught her watching him, a slow, hot as sin smile would creep over his face.

She was sure from the heat she felt and the tiny grin lifting one corner of his mouth that she was blushing furiously. She lifted her glass of ice water, draining it completely, hoping it would cool her off. Mitch’s knowing smile didn’t help much.

Come on, Autumn. Seductresses don’t blush and act like shy virgins. You wore the damn top to catch his attention, so don’t play coy.

The food was excellent. Trouble was she had difficulty concentrating with Mitch sitting so close to her, his very masculine scent teasing at her nostrils, her eyes glued to the muscles in his jaw and throat as he chewed and swallowed. It had been bad enough riding in the truck with him, very aware of the play of muscles in his arms as he drove and the way the worn denim stretched over his thighs. But sitting here with him her mind, let loose from its usual prison of inhibitions, kept picturing him naked.

Just as it had every day since they’d met.

She took a sip of the ice-cold beer in front of her and it suddenly occurred to her that this was the second Lone Star beer she’d downed without even realizing it. She’d been working long days, as much to get the house in shape as to work off the unfamiliar sexual energy charging through her. She knew she needed to get to a bed and crash but—surprise, surprise—she wanted Mitchell Brand to be in it with her. Now the band was tuning up and they opened up with something slow and sultry, matching her mood exactly.

“Come dance with me, Autumn.” Mitch covered one of her hands with his. “A little music will relax you. Come on. Just one dance.”

Dance with him? Let his body press close to mine? Am I ready for this?

Before she realized it she was on the dance floor, her body plastered to Mitch’s.

Oh, lordy, I am in such big trouble here.

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Cougar Challenge Series
Book 4

Older Woman/Younger Man
Ellora's Cave
November 25, 2009


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Tease the Cougar
November 25, 2009
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