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Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Once Burned

ONCE BURNED — Print Edition

Ellora’s Cave ♦
ISBN-13 9781419962998
Romantic Suspense ♦ Plus Novel
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One hot summer Cassie Fitzgerald gave her virginity and her heart to Griffin Hunter. When he married her sister, Diane, she fled Stoneham and for six years nothing could make her return. Not her sister’s murder, for which Griffin was and continues to be the only suspect. Not her father’s suicide, which the police chief wants to sweep under the rug. But now her mother is dead and she has legal obligations she can’t avoid. Nor, it seems, can she avoid Griffin, who wants her more than ever and makes no bones about it and to whom she finds herself just as susceptible. Will Cassie be able to control her own hot need for this man or will she be pulled back into the same sensual vortex? Can she uncovers the secret Stoneham’s hiding, the riddle of Diane’s murder and the answer to her relationship with Griff without destroying herself in the process?

Lust Unleashed

Lust Unleashed — Print Edition

Ellora’s Cave ♦
ISBN-13 9781419965937
Paranormal/Shape-Shifter ♦ Novel
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Lust Unleashed

Jonah Grey, driven by a lust for the blood of the legendary Chupacabra who murdered the woman he was to mate with, jumps at the offer to leave the FBI and join Night Seekers, who are dedicated to hunting and killing the devil beast. Jonah encounters a woman and there is such explosive chemistry between them that neither can turn away from it, and the sex that follows brings them to a level of pleasure neither has ever known before. He divides his time between tracking the Chupacabra and erotic bouts of orgasmic sex with Dakota. But he’s a wolf and the devil beast must still be dealt with.